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How to use OlapUtilities


We're in a decision process for this product. I'm testing ignite ui by binding our own data.

During tests, I couln't make pivot grid date range in time intervals like hours, minutes. Here is the snippet I use:

$.ig.OlapUtilities.prototype.getDateHierarchy( "tweetTime", // the source property name 
["month", "date", "hour"], // the date parts for which levels will be generated (optional) 
"Dates", // The name for the hierarchy (optional) 
"Date", // The caption for the hierarchy (optional) 
["Month", "Day", "Hour"], // the captions for the levels (optional) 
"All Periods")

If I add "hour", "minute" strings it fails.

I spend more than 30 minutes and couldn't find in API. Lack of functions like $.ig.OlapUtilities.prototype.getDateHierarchy, $.ig.OlapUtilities.prototype.sumAggregator in documentation is really frustrating. 

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    Hello Cihad Turhan,

    By default in the getDateHierarchy function, we do not provide default levels .

    I am attaching a sample where I have extended the $.ig.OlapUtilities.prototype.dateMemberProvider function (which actually gets called in getDateHierarchy) to support hour, minute and second in addition to the already available year, semester, quarter, month and date. You can also see how to define your own date hierarchy without using the utility functions.

    Let me know if you have further questions.

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