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Responsive Vertical Rendering


ASP.Net MVC Helper for hierarchical grid contains possibility to add this

new GridResponsive
ForceResponsiveGridWidth = true

but don't allow add such properties as your team suggest here (

name: "Responsive", enableVerticalRendering: true, reactOnContainerWidthChanges: true, windowWidthToRenderVertically: null, propertiesColumnWidth: "40%", valuesColumnWidth: "60%", allowedColumnWidthPerType: { string: 300, number: 100, bool: 100, date: 100, object: 150 }.......
So, can you suggest solution? We need this one
enableVerticalRendering: true
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    The vertical rendering functionality for the Responsive feature was added with Ignite UI 2013.2. If you are not seeing the vertical rendering properties you are probably using the 2013.1 volume release. Please, let me know if this is not the case so I can look into it further!

    Thank you for using Infragistics forums!

    Best regards,

    Stamen Stoychev

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     Thank you for your post!

     May I add that Stamen is right, Ignite UI 2013.2 have a number of new features and one of them is Responsive Design Vertical Column Rendering. Here you can see What's New in jQuery, HTML5 & ASP.NET MVC in 13.2. As he said, check do you use the last volume release of our product.

     Look forward to hearing from you!

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    Is there anything else that we could help you with?