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igSplitter not rendering

I’m new to ignite UI, knockout, durandal, breeze via hottowel stack and cannot get the splitter to work on the shell.html + shell.js mvvm arrangement at all.

The basic splitter sample instantiates the igSplitter in html script tags like this sample that is on my shell.html page.


    <header data-bind="compose: { view: 'nav' }"></header>

    <div id="splitter">

        <div style="margin-top:80px; overflow: auto">

            <section id="leftnav" data-bind="compose: { view: 'leftnav' }" style="margin-top:80px; overflow: auto"></section>


        <div id="maincontent" style="overflow: auto">

            <section id="content"

                        class="main container-fluid"

                        data-bind="router: { transition: 'entrance', cacheViews: true }"></section>



    <footer data-bind="compose: { view: 'footer' }"></footer>

    <script type="text/javascript">

        $(function () {

            $("#splitter").igSplitter({ height: "800px", panels: [{ size: 250, min: 20, max: 350 }] });





Main.js is called before this as is the index.cshtml before that and all js includes are done in a bundleconfig.cs arrangement.

The $(function(){$”#splitter”) function never gets called…. Perhaps the shell.js composed viewmodel renders this obsolete.  Breakpoint never stops there.

I have managed to get the igGrid working and bound to breeze data and it instantiates through the knockout data-bind property like this next sample, so I’m wondering if the splitter needs to do it the same way.  I cannot find any samples like that though and while I did try that, splitter would not render.

<table id="grid1"

           data-bind="igGrid: { dataSource: data,

                                caption: 'Contracts',…..


Any help greatly appreciated :-)