Memory Leak in igDataChart (infragistics.dv.core.js version 13.2.20132.2157)


Using Chrome, we were able to see a large amount of DOM nodes being created and not released when using the igDataChart.

In our scenario, we are creating about 50 charts and then removing them. We noticed that each time we create 50 charts, we have a memory leak of about 10 MB. 

We tried using igDataChart("destroy"), but this did not resolve the issue.

Looking at Chrome's Canary HEAP SNAPSHOT, we were able to see an increase under jQuery.fn.init. Looking a bit closer, we noticed that the issue might be that infragistics.dv.core.js is creating a HTML button "ui-chart-opd-button" for a control we are not using. Not sure why this is being created. 

Help would be appreciated.