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igGrid LoadOnDemand and Selection Persistence

Hi Martin,

I am using SelectionPersistence.js you provided to me.

I am enabling filtering with selection persistence.

Here is the grid code and associated events.

<script> $.ig.DataSource.prototype.settings.paging.pageIndexUrlKey = "page"</script>
.Features(feature =>

Here are event I attached 

var sp;
$.ig.DataSource.prototype.settings.paging.pageIndexUrlKey = "page";
$(document).on("iggridrendered", "#myIGrid", function rendered(evt, ui) {
sp = SelectionPersistence(ui.owner);

Issue #1: With above code persistence works fine. But I error in below deselecting scenario

1. Select a row.

2. Filter(remote)--enter some characters in filter text box for any column

3. Remove text from filter text box

4. Try to deselect a selected record.

5. I get the error when deselection row at row index 1: 

              Unhandled exception at line 366, column 12789 in

              0x800a138f - Microsoft JScript runtime error: Unable to set value of the property '1': object is null or undefined.

6. I do not get this error when I user selection with sorting. It is coming only with filtering.

7. I used IE 9(standard mode)

Issue 2: When I enable LoadOnDemand for grid, and do below operations, I see that some issues mentioned below

1. I have chunk size as 10

2. I select record in 2nd row and 3rd row

3. I filter grid for record which is not in 1st chunk. Grid bring data remotely, I select it which happened to be record 11 and removes text from filter.

4. Again, 1st 10 records are displayed with 2nd and 3rd row selected.

5. Now I press LoadOnDemand button at the bottom of the grid.

6. Row 11 is not selected. (How to make sure that on loadOnDemand, selection persistence works).

I hope I am clear now.

I thankful for your valuable inputs.



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