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Second pane of the splitter is not rendering properly when splitter height is specified in percentage


I have 2 splitters which can be viewed alternatively based on button click. Height of both the splitters are in percentages.

When toggle happens with display:none, the the horizontal bar displaces vertically.

Attached an example.

Steps to reproduce:
- Double click splitter.html
- This opens a div with the splitter with click button at top
- Select a row and move the horizontal splitter bar up/down or drag a little
- Click on 'Click' button
- This hides the first div and shows the second div
- Select a row and move the horizontal splitter bar up and drag a little
- Then click on 'Click' button


The position of the horizontal splitter bar changes; a click on any row does not result in data binding in the second pane.  Data binding on second pane happens only when the horizontal bar is moved.

Some help on this would be very helpful.
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