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post selected row or row id to server on button click

I want to select a row from my igGrid and when submit button is clicked, I want that entire row to be passed down to the action method of the submit button. How can I do that ?

I have set features.Selection().Mode(SelectionMode.Row);

Is there a way to pass the entire row which was seleected to the action method or could i atleast get the id of the row selected. 

Also is there a way other than using Jquery, Is there a .feature=> property through which we can pass the row or row id on button click. If not then please tell me how to do it through Jquery.

I need to know this urgently. Any help would be appreciated. also I have read the IgnitUi's website demo but still i cannot seem to achieve what i want . 

If you could provide a short working sample , that would be great. 


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