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AutoGenerateColumns(true) does not render rows & Dynamic datasource of igGrid


I am having issues with the autogeneratecolumns feature of igGrid.

I am given the task of making a generic grid which could render the data of a dynamic datasource provided to it at runtime.

I am using Asp.Net MVC. I have a view named Listing.cshtml which will get an action method and cotroller name in its ViewBag and render the grid with datasourceurl set as the ViewBag.ActionMethod & ViewBag,ControllerName supplied to it. 

This means that the grid will be displaying dynamic data and its datasource will change dynamically, because GridDataSource action name will be passed as a parameter.

When I set autogeneratecolumns(true) my grid does not render the rows and instead shows a loading circle animation which keeps on loading. I was just checking to see if my grid would render the columns automatically or not, because if I specify the columns explicitly the grid renders fine. When i set autogeneratecolumns to true, the grid does not display data. 

Why is that happening? Please guide me i am stuck here. How can I render the grid dynamically without knowing the columns of the datasource through Asp.Net MVC helper.

Also is this achievable that I have a single .cshtml page for my grid and at runtime the page is supplied with the DataSourceUrl, and after reading it from the ViewBag , The grid loads its datasource at runtime. Is this possible? If it is then what would I provide inside the @(Html.Infragistics().Grid<????>()    ??

And would the grid render without specifying the @model directive on top of page because the model will change at runtime.

Please help me out here , and if possible please provide a working sample in which the grid datasource is loaded dynamically and its datasource is set to a string which contains the name of [GridDataSourceAction].

Also why my grid is no displaying data when i set autogeneratecolumns to true and renders fine when I explicitly specify the columns.

Any help would be appreciated.

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