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Displaying complex model in hierarchical grid.

I'm trying to make a Hierarchical Grid using my iggrid. My Model is a bit complex, how can I configure my grid to display this model in an hierarchical fashion? Here is my model;

public class RoleRightsModel
public string Module { get; set; }
public List<ScreenType> ScreenType { get; set; }

public class ScreenType
public string ScreenTypeName { get; set; }
public List<Screen> Screen{ get; set; }

public class Screen
public string ScreenName { get; set; }
public List<Permission> Permission { get; set; }

public class Permission
public bool CanAdd { get; set; }
public bool CanEdit { get; set; }
public bool CanDelete { get; set; }
public bool CanPrint { get; set; }

Basically I want the name of the nodes to be listed once(distinct) in a tree view like structure 

For example:

[Module Grid]

   (1)  -Security Manger [ScreenType Grid] 

                      (1a)-Report [Screen Grid]

                                    (1aa)-Dashboard [Permission Grid]

                                                      -CanAdd  -  CanEdit   -CanDelete  -CanPrint   (checkbox columns)

                                    (1ab)-Screen2 [Permission Grid]

                                                      -CanAdd  -  CanEdit   -CanDelete  -CanPrint   (checkbox columns)

                      (1b)-Data entry [Screen Grid]                

                                   (1ba)-Screen3 [Permission Grid]

                                                      -CanAdd  -  CanEdit   -CanDelete  -CanPrint   (checkbox columns)

                                    (1bb)-Screen4 [Permission Grid]

                                                      -CanAdd  -  CanEdit   -CanDelete  -CanPrint   (checkbox columns)

   2  -System Admin [ScreenType Grid]