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AutoPostBack on selected index changed of igCombo w/o Ajax

Is there any way other than Ajax request to autopostback the form when the selectd index of a combobox is changed?

I dont want to perform ajax requests to call the methods explicitly, Isnt there an onchange() attribute which will post the form(this.form.submit()) when the index is changed without clicking the submit button.

Also in my igCombo I cannot define it like this :


@using (Html.BeginForm())
@(Html.Infragistics().Combo("comboProducts") // When I supply it with id, I get object not set to an instance of an object exception



@using (Html.BeginForm())

@(Html.Infragistics().Combo()    //This works but I think the ID of / <select> element is not set , rather / <span> gets the id. 
.ID("comboProducts")               //is this the same id which gets supplied to .Combo("id")?? 

) }


Because of this issue, I think I am also unable to persist the selected value of igCombo on postback.

Please help me out here.