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Event For Cell In Focus During Editing igGrid

I need to raise an event that I can handle when a particular cell's input field during editing mode comes into focus in the igGrid. I have two text fields in my grid, when I add a new row in the grid after the first field is set and the focus is set on the second field I want to capture the value currently in the first input field, perform some checks on it and set the value of the second input field(I want to do this while the editing mode is still active i.e the row is not inserted). 

I am aware of the cellediting events infragistics provide, but as it appears they all are fired for every cell at the same time when either I add a new row or when I press the Done button after filling in the fields. I cannot find an event when a particular cell's input field is in focus during editing. And as I mentioned, not only do I need the event, but I also need the values of the previous cell. I would appreciate you're assistance in this.