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Keep one row fixed and readonly in igGrid


I want to make one row of my gird readonly & fixed ,whereas other new rows can be added by the user through the AddNewRow button but the fixed row is not affected by the editing. It may remain on top of the grid or at the bottom of the grid just like the summaries row is fixed at the bottom of the grid.

The values of the row may change on some event for example ComboSelectionChanged event would cause the values in that fixed row of gird to be changed but that would be done programmatically & not by the user directly.

In simpler words I want to do the following:

1) Fix(freeze) one ReadOnly row of the grid at the top or bottom of the grid (On grid's initialization the grid is empty therefore there would be only 1 fixed row in the grid)

2) Programmatically change contents of the fixed/readonly row on some other event.

3) New rows can be added by the user, but the fixed row will remain at its place.

There is a feature of ColumnFixing in the API Refernce, but  I want to fix a particular row (all its columns) while other new rows are not fixed).

How could I do that ? Any help would be appreciated. A short sample would help. Thanks.

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