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AngularJS Updating DataSource


I'm trying to figure out how to refresh the grid after assigning new data to DataSource but can't seem to figure it out.

For example:

$scope.gridData = [{"ID": 1, "Name": "Davolio"},{"ID": 2, "Name": "Fuller"}];

$scope.gridOptions = {dataSource: $scope.gridData, primaryKey: "ID"};

And the grid displays everything correctly. But now I want to change the DataSource to something completely different.

Attempt 1, assigning new data to $scope.gridData:

$scope.gridData = [{"Color": 'Blue', "Number": 9},{"Color": 'White', "Number": 7}];

Attemp 2, change DataSource using grid's API:

$("#grid1").igGrid("option", "dataSource", [{"Color": 'Blue', "Number": 9},{"Color": 'White', "Number": 7}]);

None of those methods update the grid to show it's new dataSource. Any help? Thanks.