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min,max properties not updated when the window is resized


I'm creating a vertical splitter setting the min and max properties of the left panel to limit the splitter resizable values, but when the window is resized, this values are not updated.

More specifically, min is a fixed value (around 400px) and works ok because never needs to change. But the max limit is 75%.

The problem is. i.e. when the page is loaded in a small window (let's say 600px) and the splitter is created (having a max of 600*0.75 = 450).

Then, the window is resized to 1920 but the max value stays at 450, when it should be updated to 1440px.

I thought it was automatically updated, but it isn't. Ok. the problem comes when I try to update it manually in a $(window).resize event, but there's no option to update this values.

Any idea?

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