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igCombo forgets selection with knockout and virtualization


When using knockout, the igCombo control, virtualization and a 'big' datasource the controls forgets its selection when you search.

I adjusted the fiddle from your website to include a bigger datasource and enable virtualization:

Is there any way to solve this?


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    Offline posted

    Hello Michael,


    Thank you for providing sample application for my close look.

    I noticed that in the sample application you did not set filteringType property which is causing the issue. I would recommend to set  filteringType as 'remote'.


    When filteringType  option is set to "remote", then the "css.waitFiltering" is applied to combo and its drop-down list.

    Please refer the following API doc for more information about this property:



    I have modified the jsFiddle please have a look and let me know if I may be further assistance.