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Conditional formatting of cells based upon data in a separate column

I'm trying to conditionally format the data in one cell, based upon the value of data in another cell. I hooked into the pagerRendered event in the paging feature as discussed in this post: which worked, but the user didn't want paging to interfere with the display.  I'm looking for another event that works in the same way, but I'm struggling getting things going. 

I tried using the following code but grid.rows().length is always 0;

$(document).delegate("#transactionsDataGrid", "iggriddatabound", function (evt, ui) {
    var grid = ui.owner.grid;
    if (grid == null) return;
    for (var i = 0; i < grid.rows().length; i++) {
        var dateType = grid.getCellValue(i, "DateType");
        var reqDateColumnIndex = $("#" + + "_" + "requestDate").data("columnIndex");
        if (dateType.toUpperCase() == "REQUESTED") {
            $(grid.cellAt(reqDateColumnIndex - 1, i)).css('color', 'red');

Is there another event I can hook into?

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    Hello Kenneth,

    While hooking to an event and changing the rendered cells' style in this way is a feasible approach I would suggest trying templating first as a more elegant and performant solution. I prepared a small sample for your reference.

    I hope this helps! Thank you for using Infragistics forums!

    Best regards,

    Stamen Stoychev
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