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Skip summary rows when draw chart from data of pivot


I am following the guide to draw the chart from data of pivot. and

I can remove summary columns base on columnSpan, isExpandable, ... of columnHeaders when drawing chart 

I want to remove summary rows like summary columns but I don't know the way remove it.

Example: From below pivot a want to skip summary rows only keep rows(Beans - All country, Banana - All country, Broccoli - All country, Carrots - United States) when drawing the chart.

Can you give me logically to resolve it?

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    Hello Bui,

    In your sample you have two row groups: "product" and "country", that's why it may seem hard to apply the logic you have for the columns. Columns as well as rows have the same object model which is $.ig.OlapTableViewHeaderCell. What I can suggest you to try is to use the memberIndex method as a base for your row business logic. Member index will be the same for "Carrots", "United States", "All Country". You'll have to collect the row cell with the same memberIndex and decide which one of them to exclude from the results in the chart.

    Best regards,
    Martin Pavlov
    Infragistics, Inc.

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