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How to remove summary columns/rows on igPivotGrid

I used igPivotGrid with below config

    allowSorting: true
    allowHeaderRowsSorting: true
    allowHeaderColumnsSorting: true
    firstSortDirection: 'ascending'
    firstLevelSortDirection: 'ascending'
    dataSource: dataSource
    height: '704px'
    width: '100%'
    compactColumnHeaders: false
    compactRowHeaders: false

and my pivotGird show like 

I want to remove summary columns/rows(All country, All category) when I expanded rows/columns.

I try to remove it by remove levels hierarchies in option dimensions of cube

hierarchies: [
levels: [
#    {
#       name: "All#{column_name[1]}"
#        caption: "All #{column_name[0]}"
#        memberProvider: App.Pivot.nameAllMemberProvider(column_name)
#    },
        name: column_name[1]
        caption: column_name[0]
        memberProvider: App.Pivot.memberProvider(column_name)


but when pivotGrid can't expand/collapse rows/columns. How to remove summary rows/column and keep expand/collapse ?