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igPivotGrid with large datasets

I have an Excel app that I am attempting to convert to a web app using igPivotGrid.  There are 700,000 rows in the database table.  It seems that I need to send all the rows to the igPivotGrid and not just some subset based on the filtering that the user sets.  Is this true or am I missing something?  None of the examples that I found filter on the datasource.



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    Hello Arthur,


    The igPivotGrid has two options to connect to data:

    1. Local data in JSON format
    2. Remote data that is requested from Microsoft® SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) server configured with the msmdpump.dll HTTP data provider


    Given the volume of data that you have the only option I can suggest is that you move your data to a Microsoft® SQL Server Analysis Services cube and request it from there.


    Best regards,
    Martin Pavlov
    Infragistics, Inc.

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