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I am fairly new to Ignite and have a quick question.  I would like to add three or four tiles using the tile manager on a dashboard page.  One with a map, one with a radial gague, and one with a chart of some kind.  How would I go about that in mvc?



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    Hello Rick,

    Thanks for contacting infragistics support.

    I have made a sample which showing how you could achieve your scenario. You can find it in the attachment below.

    Also I want to show you with this sample that the ASP.NET MVC wrappers configuration is pretty similar as the original IgniteUI Components. So it would be intuitive for further configurations and enhancements.

    You can also find in most of the sample component sections configuration samples for ASP.NET MVC. For instance Radial Gauge

    If you have further questions please contact us again.