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igGrid remote Paging/Filtering Anti Forgery Token

I have an igGrid where i use remote paging/filtering.  On databind, I'm adding onto  "extraParams", however on my ASP.Net MVC Controller action I need to have the "__RequestVerificationToken" in the form data so the "ValidateAntiForgeryToken" attribute will work.  These parameters are only being put in the "request body".  How can I get them to work with the "ValidateAntiForgeryToken" attribute?

dataBinding: function (evt, ui) {
            ui.dataSource.settings.urlParamsEncoded = function (item, params) {
                var myParams = {
                    id: viewModel.Id()
                    , __RequestVerificationToken: viewModel.AntiForgeryToken()
                params.extraParams = myParams;

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    Offline posted in reply to Justin Myers

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