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Remote Paging and Remote GroupBy


I am using Infragistics with TypeScript and I read that remote paging and remote GroupBy working together is a known limitation. But do you have any plan to fix it? Our customers need GroupBy as a required feature.

I am firing custom events when page changes and groupby changes (with a custom call to the server) so I can even specify it as local. I am getting the data by setting those to local and it is still not working properly.

This is my gridoptions:

protected DefaultGridOptions: IgGrid = {
        autoCommit: true,
        autofitLastColumn: true,
        autoGenerateColumns: true,
        renderCheckboxes: true,
        autoAdjustHeight: true,
        showFooter: true,
        avgRowHeight: "25px",
        defaultColumnWidth: "*",
        fixedHeaders: false,
        responseDataKey: "result",
        features: [
                name: "Resizing",
                deferredResizing: false,
                allowDoubleClickToResize: true
                name: "ColumnMoving",
                addMovingDropdown: false,
                name: "Selection",
                persist: true,
                multipleSelection: true
                name: "Sorting",
                type: "local",
                mode: "multi",
                columnSorting: async (evt, ui) => { await this.SortGrid(evt, ui); }
                name: "Filtering",
                type: "local",
                persist: false,
                showEmptyConditions: true,
                filterDropDownItemIcons: true,
                dataFiltering: async (evt, ui) => { await this.FilterGrid(evt, ui); }
                name: "Paging",
                type: "local",
                pageSize: 40,
                pageCountLimit: 5000,
                showPageSizeDropDown: false,
                recordCountKey: "totalRecords",
                pageSizeUrlKey: "pageSize",
                pageIndexUrlKey: "pageNumber",
                pageIndexChanging: async (evt, ui) => { await this.PageChange(evt, ui); }
                name: "GroupBy",
                type: "local",
                groupByDialogContainment: "window",
                groupedColumnsChanged: async (evt, ui) => {
                    await this.GroupByGrid(evt, ui);
                initialExpand: false

Once I receive the data I am doing this:

$.igGrid("dataSourceObject", {
    result: (data),
    totalRecords: (total records)

Once all this happens, the total number of pages only shows "1" and does not show the actual number of pages as per the total record count.

How do I fix this?