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Upload control Not working


I am trying use IgHtml upload control but I am getting the "File size is too big error".

I am using this in DotnetCore2.0 Mvc application.

Here I am uploading sample application.

Please provide help regarding this.


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    Hello adil,

    Thank you for the provided sample. I’ve tested it with uploading images and the error doesn’t appear. What is the size of the file you are trying to upload?

    The max uploaded size for a file is 2 GB. This is browser limitation. Some browsers like newer versions of Opera allow 4GB files.

    You can check the list with igUpload Known Issues here:

    You can restrict the size of the uploaded files by setting the maxFileSizeLimit setting. You can find more information about configuring igUpload in the following help topic:

    Let me know if I may be of further assistance.

    Svetla Boykova

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