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Tree has no expander icons

I have an igTree defined as follows. The root node is being populated via the api call, however, no node has the icon so I can expand to view the children for the node. What else must I do to be able to expand a node? How do I tell the node to assume there are children, so include the expander icon?

singleBranchExpand: false,
height: "300px",
width: "610px",
checkboxMode: "triState",
loadOnDemand: true,
dataSourceType: "remoteUrl",
dataSourceUrl: "/api/items",
nodePopulating: function (event, ui) {
$("#tree").igTree('option', 'dataSourceUrl', '/api/items/' +;
return true;
bindings: {
textKey: "Value",
valueKey: "Key",
primaryKey: "Key",
checkedKey: "Checked",
childDataProperty: "items",

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    Hi, Ray.

    I've created a demo - igTree, with load on demand and only one root item, which is set as a data source after the tree is loaded. You can see that there is icon and you can expand the node. I hope that this demo will be useful for you. If you still has a problem, I will ask you to update the demo so that I can reproduce your problem and investigate it further.

    Best regards,

    Nikolay Alipiev

    Software Devloper

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