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How to achieve igCombo default selected-item background color for many igCombos?

I have many igCombo, each needs to have the selected item background color different from another, so nothing to change JS.

I would like to just tie the id of the div interested by igCombo with the class of the igCombo "ui-state-active" but because the list of items is generated elsewhere I can't do this.

Any tip on how to achieve this?

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    Hi Eugenio,

    Currently the dropdown lists are not differentiated by id or class. They are exactly the same for each combo on the page, and each combo widget has a reference to its own list.

    Therefore so you will need to add id/class to every list:


    in order to query them using CSS selectors:

    .pinkColor .ui-igcombo-listitemholder li.ui-state-active {
      background-color: pink;
    .green .ui-igcombo-listitemholder li.ui-state-active {
      background-color: green;
    .yellow .ui-igcombo-listitemholder li.ui-state-active {
      background-color: yellow;

    Please review the jsfiddle that I have prepared for you and let me know if you have further questions, I will be glad to help.