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Image not found for Dropdown

Hello, We recently upgraded our solution to Infragistics web library to 13.1 and facing issues with images. The drop down in web data grid is missing images and gives 404 not found on click of control. Can you suggest how to get igdd_dropdownbuttonhover.png, pressed.png , etc ?



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    Hello Bhaskar,

    Judging by the images you are experiencing issues with, I assume you are using our ASP.NET WebDataGrid (not the jQuery one) with a drop-down editor for a certain cell. If that is the case, such an error is most probably caused by missing or misplaced style sets.

    Move the styles you need to a folder in the same project (e.g. ig_res) and set the StyleSetPath (StyleSetPath="~/YourFolder"), then the grid should be able to find them.

    If you’re going to deploy this to ISS you could create a virtual directory in your IIS and store the styles in it. Then you can point the StyleSetPath to retrieve them from that directory instead.

    You can find more information on this here: 

    Please, let us know if you have any further questions on this matter.