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igCurrency Editor on mouse hover disappears the text


I am using igCurrencyEditor through MVC Helper and observed that when I hover my mouse the text disappears and when clicked on the field it appears back again . As shown below there is actually a value within the empty one.Can you let me know the problem

 <div class="row-container margin-left-25 margin-bottom-25">
for (int k = 0; k < Model.AddCoverageBBR.Count; k++)
<div class="services-option option-value cell " id=@("services-value-container" + i)>

@(Html.Infragistics().CurrencyEditorFor(m => m.Services)
.ID("services-value" + i).ValidatorOptions(m => m.Required(true).OnBlur(true).OnSubmit(true))


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    Hello Jois,

    Thank you for posting. I tried to reproduce the behavior using our online sample, but hovering over the text doesn’t make the text disappear.

    May I know which version of control /js files you are using, try using the latest 19.1 and test if it changes the behavior.
    Make sure you included all the js file in sequence like explained here.

    If you still getting the issue, the best way for us to assist you is if you provide a small isolated sample that we can run and use for debugging locally.

    Looking forward to hear you back.

    Divya Jain
    Associate Software Developer

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