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Disable expansion of Mvc.GridModel ColumnLayout if child data rows would be blank

I'm using the Mvc.GridModel and showing sales order line item information (including a batch number if it has one) in the main grid and then using a GridColumnLayoutModel added to the main grid's ColumnLayouts to show another grid of batch information related to the line item.  This works great when the line item has a batch number that is passed to the DataSourceUrl.  The + icons expand the sub-row, gets the data, and displays it.  However, some sales order line items won't have a batch number.  Clicking on the + icon expands the sub-row and tries to get the data which returns 0 rows and subsequently just shows the column headers.  It is a wasted effort for the end user to click on something that shows essentially nothing - not even a message explaining why no data was returned.

  1. Is there a way to disable or entirely remove the + icon for a particular row in the main grid if a field on that row is null/blank?
  2. Is there a way to detect that no rows have been returned from the DataSourceUrl and display a custom message instead of the column headers for the sub-grid? (e.g., "If there's no batch number, no batch information can be shown.")
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