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IgCombo - Keyboard selection doesn't work on an item with a null value


We are using 2017.1.

We have an igcombo control where the datasource contains several items, the first of which has a null value (with a display string that is an empty string). If we use the keyboard to select the item (by pressing the down key when it has focus to open the list), it never actually highlights the first empty item (which is visible in the shown list). Subsequent presses of the down key fail to highlight the next item either, whereas pressing the up key immediately closes the list.

If I temporarily change the value of the first item to something not null (like an empty string), then the selection and highlighting with the keyboard is fine.

For what its worth, if we use the mouse to select the null item, the control field does actually clear, but the list itself remains open. Selecting a non-null value with the mouse shows the correct value in the control field AND the list closes.

Any ideas/comments would be greatly appreciated.



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    Well, looks like igcombo just doesn't handle a null value gracefully. I've resorted into inserting a 'placeholder' item, and just ensuring that an interface is provided to get the value that sets intercepts and returns null/undefined as the value if its selected.

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