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Allow multiple selection at runtime in igGrid


We have a grid configured on server side using Asp.Net MVC Helpers, and uses filtering and paging. Datasource is set to the initial data and datasourceUrl is set to get the paging data.

Initial mode is single selection enabled in row mode. Row selectors are present with rownumbering enabled and checkbox disabled.

On the client side, I would like to allow user to click a button and then enable the check boxes and let him select multiple rows. I tried with the following but could not get results:

        var obj = $('#acMainGrid');

        obj.igGridSelection('option', 'multipleSelection', true);
        obj.igGridRowSelectors('option', 'enableCheckBoxes', true);

I understand multipleSelection cannot be enabled after grid creation and that my only options are to get a new grid from the server or to recreate grid on the client. I dont want to hit the server because it takes time. How to do this purely on the client side ?

Kindly advise asap


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