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IgDataChart Line series showing shaded region


I am configuring igdatachart for my application

Case : My datachart is with line series having multiple null values, and I am using

unknownValuePlotting =linearInterpolate create straight line.

Its plotting the chart as shown bellow. (As it is showing shaded region which should not be there)


If I zoom some portion 

Then the shaded region disappears Like 

I am using data which is attached and following Data series configuration

name: "series",
title: strUnitName,
type: "line",
xAxis: "xAxis",
yAxis: d.axisName,
valueMemberPath: d.attrName,
showTooltip: !0,
tooltipTemplate: "tooltipTemplate",
toolTipColor: ChartColor,
isTransitionInEnabled: !0,
isHighlightingEnabled: !0,
unknownValuePlotting: "linearInterpolate",
brush: ChartColor,
isHighlightingEnabled: !0,
isCustomCategoryStyleAllowed: !1, 

Data As per following file : 

Raw Data.xls

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