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IgCombo : cannot press key 2 times in second to select item

I've checked online sample(combo which is at the left of "VISA" image.)

When i press 'V' and 'M' in a second, the igCombo can not select item MasterCard.
However, if i press 'M' about 3 seconds after press 'V', item MasterCard of igCOmbo is selected .

I would like to press 'V' and 'M' in a second in order to select item of igCombo.
Could you please show to me how to do that in igCombo ?

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    Hello Hoan,


    If you press a series of keys without a pause on igCombo with mode="readonlylist", it tries to find and select an item that matches the whole inputs. If you press 'V' and 'M' in a second, for example, it looks for an item that starts with "VM", but not the one staring with "M". Unfortunately, the control does not have a public API that changes this behavior.

    What you could do is to cancel the default selection behavior by handling the keydown event like below,




    then programmatically select a particular item  by select() method below.

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