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igGrid: data exists in DOM, but does not display

Kinda new to this.

I'm attempting to use igGrid with a RESTful data source.  This is taken primarily from the Help Topics, igDataSource Overview and Binding igDataSource to REST services.  Everything seems to work.  No errors in the client debugger (Chrome or IE).  DOM shows <td> data as expected so all the RESTy stuff appears to be working as expected.

The issue is that while the header rows (column names and filtering drop down) appear correctly and the filtering menu opens, etc, none of the actual table data shows up on the grid.  Kinda frustrating when I can look at the DOM and see the data but it does not show up in the grid.  I'm sure it is something I've done incorrectly, but not sure what.

Also, I've put break point(s) in render function but it never seems to get called.  Not sure if that is significant or not.

Any ideas?


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