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igGrid: Unable to pass any data from view to controller in ajax call

Hi Team,

I am using an iggrid and I am unable to pass any data from view to the controller in ajax call . Below is my code

Javascript code 

columns: [

{ headerText: "Manager", key: "EMPLOYEE_NAME", dataType: "string" },
{ headerText: "CSA", key: "CSA_NB", dataType: "string" },
{ headerText: "Entry Date", key: "ENTRY_DATE", dataType: "date" },
{ headerText: "Project Name", key: "PROJECT_NAME", dataType: "string" }

defaultColumnWidth: "200px",

width: "100%",
showHeaders: true,
fixedHeaders: false,
type: "POST",
caption: "Report",
dataSourceType: "json",
dataSource: "/Reports/CSAReportData/",
data: { year: "0017" }

Controller code

public JsonResult CSAReportData(string year)

return jsonResult;

Although I am passing "0017" in year parameter but unable to get it in the controller code . I am getting null in controller .