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Hierarchical grid is not displaying total of same columns in different parent grid


 We are using ignite hierarchical grid where we have total 3 nested grids.

GrandParent – Customer SVC Group Description

Parent – Status Code

Child – Project Total, Col 2, Col 3


We are displaying summary in Child grid for Project Total Column. Here we have observed that whenever we have same value in parent grid for different grand parent grid, summary is shown only for one of the chid grid columns.

In simple terms, we have Status Code value as A for both Customer One and Customer Two (shown in red box). Only one of the child grid column Project Total summary will be shown. Here we can see summary of Customer One is getting displayed while summary of project total of Customer Two is not being shown(shown in blue box). This is happening because for both STATUS CODE is A.


Logically, summary should be shown for all child grid columns. 

Customer One can have status A, B, C, and so on …

Customer Two can have status A, D, F, B and so on …

As both are different grids, its value should not be related. 

So, how can we show summary of PROJECT TOTAL column in different parent grids?  i.e we need summary for Customer One grid and Customer Two grid as well.



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    Offline posted

    Hello Tapas,

    Thank you for posting in our community.

    One possible cause of the issue can be that there is no primary key set for the child grid:

    columnLayouts: [
    		key: "StatusCode",
    		primaryKey: "ID",
    		autoGenerateColumns: false,
    		width: "100%",
    		columns: [
    			{ key: "ID", headerText: "ID", hidden: true },
    			{ key: "Type", headerText: "Type", width: "100px" }

    I have created and attached a small sample for your reference. Let me know if that solves your issue.