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How to change the font size of child grid in hierarchical iggrid

Hi Team,

I am using a hierarchical iggrid in my application . All of a sudden, font of the grid got changed (we didnt make any changes).I have added below line of code :


where smallFont is a class and I have mentioned the desired font size . It worked for the main grid but not working for the child grids .

Child grids are still having bigger font size compare to the parent grid .

How to implement the same font size for child grids as well 

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    Hello Tapas,

    What I can suggest is adding a css class with the desired font size to the grid of your choice. For example:

    .custFontSize {

         font-size: 18pt;



    Attached you will find a small sample using the suggested approach.
    Please let me know if you need any further assistance with this matter.