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Special characters in primary key column is giving exception in hierarchical grid

Hi Team,


We have Business Services REP as parent. Once we expand Business Services REP, we will get all child columns.

 responseDataKey : "EMPLOYEE_NAME",

dataSourceType: "json",

autoGenerateColumns : false,

primaryKey: "EMPLOYEE_NAME"


And columns –

 columns: [

{key: "EMPLOYEE_NAME", headerText: "Business Service Rep" ,dataType:"string"}]


Here, the issue is – if you see the first name “Ablett, William J. (Jim)”, it has comma, dot and round brackets and if we use this column as Primary Key column we get an exception.

What we understood is that primary key column value doesn’t work with dot or round brackets.

Our requirement is we want exact same name to be displayed and also we don’t want to add any more column as Primary Key column.


How can we achieve “Ablett, William J. (Jim)” as Primary Key value or is there any other alternative we can handle this situation?