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column template and paging or scrolling problem


I set dropdown template for a column cell and all is good until I go to next page or scroll down then templates disappear from the column.

How to fix that?  thanks


                width: '100%',
                columns: DefaultColumns,
                dataSource: northwindCustomers,
                rendered: function (evt, ui) {

                    tmpl = "<div id=grdlist_${CustomerID}></div>";
                    $('#grid1').igGrid('setColumnTemplate', 'CompanyName', tmpl);

                 features: [
                            name: 'Paging',
                            recordCountKey: 'TotalRecordsCount',
                            pageIndexUrlKey: 'page',
                            pageSizeUrlKey: 'pageSize',
                            pageSize: 5,
                            type: 'remote',
                            pageIndexChanging: function (evt, ui) {
                                var ds = $("#grid1").data('igGrid').dataSource;
                                ds.settings.urlParamsEncoded = function (item, params) {
                                    params.extraParams = {
                                        input: "text here"