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Unable to display error message for duplicate values in iggrid

Hi Team,

I am doing a custom validation for a particular column (BILL_NB) in iggrid .I am able to do the validation but error message (highlighted in yellow) is not displaying in UI . How to display the below error message in UI ,if data is duplicate ?

validatorOptions: {
required: {
errorMessage: "The Bill Number may not be blank."
lengthRange: {
max: 20,
errorMessage: "Only 20 characters are allowed"

custom: {
method: function (value,options) {
var rows = $("#Pymtgrid").igGrid("rows");
for (var i = 0; i < rows.length; i++) {
var currentRow = rows[i];
var currentValue = $("#Pymtgrid").igGrid("getCellValue", $(currentRow).attr("data-id"), "BILL_NB");

if (value === currentValue && $(currentRow).find(".ui-iggrid-editingcell").length === 0) {

errorMessage: "Duplicate";

return false;
return true;