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Setting value of igCombo in igGrid after changing datasource without making dirty


I am trying to use the igGridUpdating with an igCombo. My use case is that i have a 'Category' dropdown and a 'SubCategory' dropdown. When the user selects a category, I fetch the subcategories for that category and populate the subcategory igCombo with those values.

The problem comes up when there is already a value in the subcategory. When I set the dataSource of the subcategory igCombo, the value that is lost and the row becomes dirty. Then when you decide you don't want to change anything and exit or click somewhere else the row thinks you change that subcategory to null and saves that null value. 

I've tried setting that value after i set the datasource but setting the value causes the row to become dirty as well. 

What is the best way to accomplish this?