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how align div combo template in iggrid cell?


I have combo template like below and need to align the whole thing to the right inside the iggrid cell,

how to do it?                       

     pagerRendered: function (evt, ui) {

                                               var dataSource = ui.dataSource.recordsForPage(ui.owner.pageIndex());

                                               $.each(dataSource, function (index, row) {

                                                     $("#grdlist_" + row.ProductID).igCombo({

                                                            dataSource: comboData,

                                                            textKey: "Name",

                                                            valueKey: "Name",

                                                            width: "200px",

                                                            autoComplete: true,

                                                            enableClearButton: false,

                                                            initialSelectedItems: [{ index: 0 }]



                           rendered: function (evt, ui) {

                                 tmpl = "<div id=grdlist_${ProductID}></div>";

                                 $('#grid1').igGrid('setColumnTemplate', 'Name', tmpl);



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    Hello Ronny,

    Thank you for posting in our community.

    What I can suggest for aligning a div in grid cell is setting float css option to right. This way the element floats to the right of its container. For example:

         .combo {
                 float: right;


    "<div id=grdlist_${ProductID} class='combo'></div>"

    Please test this on your side and let me know if you need any further assistance with this matter.

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