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Times off in igGrid when running on iOS browsers

Our web application uses igGrid which uses a connection to a REST API as it's datasource. However, if the app is running in a browser running on an iOS device, the times and dates are being modified as if they are being adjusted to local time from UTC. This does not happen on a desktop browser, nor does it happen on an Android browser.

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    The likely cause is that the your REST API model includes DateTime properties the values for which are of DateTime.Kind Unspecified . The JSON serializer would then send strings for these dates that are not in full ISO format leaving browsers to deserialize them as they see fit. You may check your browser's network tab for the server's response. For an unambigous deserialization your dates should look like this: "2020-04-27T09:07:20.000Z". Yours probably lack the 'Z' at the end.

    If you know your dates are stored as UTC, you should check if EF can create the DateTime objects correctly through some option or alternatively change them manually to DateTimeKind.Utc yourself.

    I hope this helps! If my assumption is incorrect, please share some Controller and Grid configuration code so that I can try to reproduce the issue on my side.

    Best regards,

    Stamen Stoychev

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