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igGrid Response from Restful Save failure

I am updating an igGrid with the code below. It works great if there are no database save issues.

Client side (most code eliminated for clarity)


.RestSettings(rs =>
.Update(u => u.RestVerbSetting()
.Batch(false) );


It is calling this Server Side:

public void Put(int chainPricingDetailId, [FromBody]ChainPricingDetailBrandData value)


How can I give feedback to the user if the Put failed?

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    Hello Kenn,

    Thank you for posting in our forum.

    The saveChanges method allows defining a success and an error handler functions:

    You can use the error handler, which is triggered when the updating request has failed (for example if the request has resulted in a server side error).

    In it you can show some indication to the user that the updating has failed. For example:

       grid.igGrid("saveChanges", function saveSuccess() {
                }, function saveError() {

     Let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns. 


    Maya Kirova

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