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Rendering UpdateDialog with igCombo

On my page, I have an igGrid configured with editMode : 'dialog'.

The grid has a company column which will be edited with a combo editor.
The names for the combo came from a separate JSON list which contains company-name and company-id. for each entry.

The editor options of the combo column look like:

editorOptions: {
                                mode: "dropdown",
                                //dataSource: ds_companies,
                                dataSource: companies,
                                textKey: "company_name",
                                valueKey: "company_name"

When I try to store the changed company value, I need the company-id of the selected value from the combo box.

Is there a possibility to bind the id to the value, without showing the id in the edit dialog?



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    Hello Karl-Heinz,

    After investigating this further, I determined that your requirement could be achieved by accessing the id of the selected item in a method bound to the selectionChanged event.

    editorOptions: {

            mode: "dropdown",

            dataSource: companies,

            textKey: "Name",

            valueKey: "Name",

            selectionChanged: function (evt, ui) {                                    

                       comboItemID = ui.items[0].data.ID;




    Please let me know if you need any further information regarding this matter.


    Monika Kirkova,


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