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Datepicker displaying a specific date with 1 hour behind

Dear Infragistics team,

This topic is somehow a continuation or extension of the following one:

We are using Infragistics Ignite UI controls, version 18.1.20181 and ASP MVC Wrappers.

Our important settings of the datepicker are:
- setting up DateTimeKind of the date sent from the backend to Utc.
- DisplayTimeOffset(0)
- EnableUTCDates(false)

These are the settings we are using in our system and so far we haven't noticed any other issues.
However we found out that when the date 26.09.1982 is either selected from the calendar or typed in the field or is coming from the backend, it is displayed with 1 hour behind as 25.09.1982 23:00. If you click in the datepicker textbox though - the correct date is displayed.
I haven't found any other dates that are problematic.

This behaviour is reproducing in Chrome and Firefox, not in IE or Edge.

I am attaching a sample project demonstrating the issue.

Can you give us some guidance what is the reason for this problem and how can it be resolved?

Best wishes,


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    Offline posted

    Some more observations:

    1. Typing $("#DateWithData").igDatePicker("value") in Firefox returns:

    Sun Sep 26 1982 02:00:00 GMT+0200 (Eastern European Standard Time)

    Typing it in Edge returns: Sun Sep 26 1982 03:00:00 GMT+0300 (FLE Daylight Time):

    There is a difference in the timezone

    2. If I change my region in Windows OS from my location - Bulgaria to say Sweden, the issue no longer appears

    3. It seems there was a time change on that problematic day:

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