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Tempory disable refresh/repaint during reconfiguration


I'm using the igGrid 2018.1.

Based on a user selection I have to perfom some reconfigurations in the view of the grid (not on the data).
Each action that I execute via JavaScipt will we immediately displayed on the screen (e.g. hidding 20 columns).

Is it possible to freeze the refreshing of the grid during this reconfiguration and to call at the end a method to unfreeze and repaint the view?

THX in advance!

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    Offline posted

    Hello Hazim,

    Thank you for posting in our forum. 

    In general API methods and option settings are applied immediately to the grid. We do not provide an option out of the box to delay the grid’s rendering.

    If you wish you can create a copy of the original grid options, apply your changes to them and then when configuration is done you can initialize a new grid with the new options. In that case the new grid will be rendered in a single render cycle.

     Let me know if that would solve your issue. 


    Maya Kirova