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Dynamic retrieval of individual child data for hierarchical parent

I would like to not only retrieve (and display) child data only when a parent row is clicked on a hierarchical grid.  We're using jQuery in our application.  We have a considerable amount of child data for each master in our hierarchy so we only want to retrieve when necessary from a parent.  I was thinking of using the "rowExpanding" event.  From there somehow get the "key" from the parent record, then using an ajax call, make a call to the server to retrieve json data and set the data source of that particular parent to the child data.  I've done things in the past with _dataSoure (something like that) but only in igGrid.  I thought I could get igGrid methods via the igHierarchical object.  I was looking for something like "getRecordById" where I can find out what parent was clicked.  the "load on demand" articles didn't show how I can do this fully in jquery.

I'm actively trying to get my new employer to purchase infragistics and today we have handlebars and constantly do a completely new search every time a user clicks a page.  I have about 5 years experience in your UI product but have been away for some time and haven't used the hierarchical grid much in the past.  I tell them how great your products are and all of this searching, retrieving, etc. can easily be done with your products.  I need to do a quick proof of concept to convince my boss to upgrade our license.  The company I work for has 2017.2 but no one uses it.  I want to show them this is worthwhile and possibly upgrade all together.  But I need to get this sample working.