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is it possible to get grid ID that called SaveChanges when handling grid updates in MVC?

Hello - I have a solution using Asp MVC with multiple igGrids on a single page.  I am following the documentation and am getting transactions to come into my controller page when the user pushes a button that fires the SaveChanges call.  .  However, I don't get anything in the response that gives me indication on which grid / grid ID initiated the save changes event.   Was it grid #1 or grid #4?  I can change the key information of the grid to embed this information as well, but wanted to check if there is another solution so I can determine which grid is trying to save changes.   Thanks much  

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    Hello Andrew,

    What I can suggest in order to determine which grid triggered saveChanges is passing the grid`s id as an argument to the action method in the controller. For example:

                                 .Columns(col =>
                                 .Features(features =>
                                 .UpdateUrl(Url.Action("OrdersSaveData", new {gridID = "grid1"}))

    Once we the OdersSaveData method is called the grid`s id will be passed to the controller so that you can get a reference to the id and determine which grid triggered the OrdersSaveData.

    public ActionResult OrdersSaveData(string gridID)
                var gridIdentifier = gridID;
                GridModel gridModel = new GridModel();
                List<Transaction<Order>> transactions = gridModel.LoadTransactions<Order>(HttpContext.Request.Form["ig_transactions"]);

    Please let me know if you need any further assistance with this mater.