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Cells/Columns missing when xlsx opened

Hello, again we have trouble with a generated xlsx file. I already contacted the manufacturer of the component used for generation. According to them the file is fine.
When i open the attached file in excel the result is okay. But when i open it with igSpreadsheet some/most cells in the A Column are missing. This is reproducible with your demo application ( It would be nice if someone could have a look, thanks in advance.


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    Hello Thomas,

    I noticed that the same question has already been discussed with my colleague Martin in this forum thread, where he proposed some possible workarounds. I was wondering did you have the chance to try any of the suggested options, for example, to re-save the file and afterwards open it in the igSpreadsheet, and what was the result on your side?

    It seems that the content of the file is correct (having in mind the fact after re-saving or pasting the content in another document the issue is resolved), however, since the file only works after re-saving I assume that the root cause is related to the formatting or other file setting generated while creating the file initially.

    In order to re-test, I opened the provided file, saved it in Excel and the issue was resolved.

    Please let me know how this behaves on your side.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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    Hi Thomas,

    After further investigation, I found an issue, logged in our internal system, that I believe will help you use your document. The issue with our excel engine is already resolved, however, not yet officially released. I have created the following case for you: 'CAS-210072-L6R2B4' and will update you through it. You could see it in your account on the 'Support Activity' page.