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How to verify unique data for a specific column in iggrid complete datasource


I have a functionality where I need to verify the unique data for a specific column in iggrid  .As of now, I am able to do it for visible rows of current page but I want to match the data from the next page as well ,basically from the complete datasource .

I have done some code changes for the above condition but that is working only for add new row, somehow it is not working for edit row. It is comparing the value from the same selected row and showing validation message 

custom: {
method: function (value, options) {

var rows = $("#Pymtgrid").igGrid('option', 'dataSource');     // to get the total no of rows

for (var i = 0; i < rows.length; i++) {
var currentRow = rows[i];

var currentValue = $('#Pymtgrid').data('igGrid').dataSource._data[i].BILL_NB;   // BILL_NB should be unique

if (value.toUpperCase() === currentValue.toUpperCase() && $(currentRow).find(".ui-iggrid-editingcell").length === 0) {   // This condition is not working for edit
return false;
return true;
}, errorMessage: "This bill number already exists.Please enter a different bill number."